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arrester / разрядник, предохранитель, громоотвод
имя существительное
arrester, discharger, spark gap
fuse, preventer, protector, safety catch, cutout, arrester
arrester, lighting-conductor
имя существительное
a device that prevents or stops a specified thing.
a spark arrester
The US Navy ‘carrier variant’ aircraft will use catapults and arrester wires to get airborne and return - the system currently used by American and French carriers, and familiar to RN aviators before the current Invincible-class ships.
The fatal accident occurred when one car failed to climb an incline and became trapped on a roll-back arrester nearly 40 ft from the ground.
Equip chimneys and stovepipes with a spark arrester meeting National Fire Protection Association Code 211 (contact your local fire department for exact specifications).
The arrester serves to immobilize the head during feeding or when the dragonfly is in tandem flight.
New signs are being made for the road in the area and a pamphlet outlining the position and the way to use the two arrester beds on the pass down to the bridge will also be distributed during the operation.
Two parallel beams between the tail hook and the forward landing gear form the keelson structure which provides structural strength to withstand repeated loading of carrier catapult launches and arrester landings.
PC James Hare told deputy coroner John Sleightholme that shortly after the incident he spoke to maintenance worker Eric Butters, who was called to the ride when one of the cars failed to climb an incline and was held by a roll-back arrester .
Just twelve F7F - 4Ns were built and this variant had a strengthened airframe, stronger landing gear, new radar and arrester gear for carrier operations.
a spark arrester
a lightning arrester