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arrest / арест, задержание, наложение ареста
имя существительное
arrest, detention, custody, apprehension, arrestment, caption
detention, arrest, retention, apprehension
наложение ареста
seizure, attachment, arrest, condemnation
arrest, nab, bust, nail, pick up, take in charge
arrest, detain, apprehend, attach, take up, lag
delay, detain, stay, hold, retard, arrest
имя существительное
the action of seizing someone to take into custody.
I have a warrant for your arrest
a stoppage or sudden cessation of motion.
a respiratory arrest
seize (someone) by legal authority and take into custody.
the police arrested him for possession of marijuana
stop or check (progress or a process).
the spread of the disease can be arrested
attract the attention of (someone).
his attention was arrested by a strange sound
Erin tried to arrest his downward progress but the plunging stream carried him bumping along.
I will do whatever I have to do to arrest the progress of it.
The military tried several times to enlist him, and he was indeed arrested or threatened with arrest several times by the military police.
The appellant was not under arrest or detention at the time the question was asked.
The appellant's arrest and police interview in 1998 are considered below in the context of the evidence relating to Harry.
But that hasn't been enough to arrest a slide in profits.
Like any stunning structure from the past, like the Parthenon or the Pyramids, they grab attention and arrest the imagination of people from all over.
a respiratory arrest
The number of volunteers has steadily fallen over the past few months and bosses feel the time has come to arrest the slide.
They had plenty of officers to go out and detain - often without arrest - hunt saboteurs who peacefully protested against fox hunting.