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arrant / отъявленный, сущий, настоящий
имя прилагательное
notorious, egregious, arrant, desperate, rank, downright
mere, sheer, very, arrant, regular, rank
present, real, true, actual, genuine, arrant
имя прилагательное
complete, utter.
what arrant nonsense!
I was a Minister for 9 years, and what the Hon Trevor Mallard has said is absolute arrant nonsense.
We heard arrant nonsense from this hopeless Minister of Police, who wanders around the country in a daze, blinded by his own incompetence.
Leiter makes sweeping and imprecise generalizations that turn out to be arrant nonsense, however you interpret them.
In public, the managers might pretend that their players don't drink, that only the highest standards of professionalism are tolerated, that football has moved into the modern world, but that's arrant nonsense.
One must question the credibility of a journal that publishes such arrant nonsense.
This is arrant nonsense, and further proof that the history of pop music is not taught properly in schools these days.
However Ken conspicuously failed to mention that the other teams researching in the area have dismissed the Vinnikov and Grody paper as arrant nonsense.
There is a good catalogue here of the arrant nonsense that has been used by European intellectuals to justify their jealous hatred of the USA.
Did you ever, in all your life, hear such arrant nonsense?
Sometime last week this arrant nonsense appeared in one of the local newspapers.