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arouse / вызывать, возбуждать, пробуждать
call, cause, induce, call forth, summon, arouse
excite, stir, stir up, arouse, bring, stimulate
wake, awaken, arouse, awake, waken, excite
evoke or awaken (a feeling, emotion, or response).
something about the man aroused the guard's suspicions
awaken (someone) from sleep.
she had been aroused by the telephone
The aim seemed solely to arouse people emotionally and expose basic instincts without any component of catharsis or cleansing as was the norm with the calypso art-form of yesteryear.
It came to power by making blood-curdling calls designed to arouse voters.
Gradually, the patient spends more time sleeping during the day and at times is difficult to arouse .
We should realize that maybe the emergence of UPS will arouse us from a state of complacency and readies us for the grim challenges lying ahead.
I can only hope that it may arouse interest, some sympathy and understanding for fellow human beings in wretched circumstances.
After doing so she brushed her teeth, and then attempted to arouse her siblings from sleep.
Regional politicians found it was easy to arouse people on issues like regional pride.
Even a normal, healthy body weight may arouse feelings of tension and panic.
These episodes may necessitate stimulation or resuscitation to arouse the child and reinitiate regular breathing.
The physical parts always feel very real to me, and arouse me.