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around / вокруг, около, кругом
around, about, round, circum
about, around, near, some, nearly, by
round, around, all around, about, all round, all over
nearby, near, around, hereabout, thereabouts, hereabouts
around, about, round, over
about, around, near, at, beside, by
on, by, in, under, over, around
around, circa, in the vicinity of, round
for, per, over, behind, at, around
located or situated on every side.
the mountains towering all around
so as to rotate and face in the opposite direction.
Jack seized her by the shoulders and turned her around
so as to reach a new place or position, typically by moving from one side of something to the other.
he made his way around to the back of the building
in existence, in the vicinity, or in active use.
there was no one around
approximately; about.
software costs would be around $1,500
on every side of.
the palazzo is built around a courtyard
in or to many places throughout (a community or locality).
cycling around the village
so as to encircle or embrace (someone or something).
he put his arm around her
Keith's occupation as a taxi driver is ironic in that he is literally driving around in circles.
We used to carry on as though a huge check were around the corner to pay for all our great work.
Perhaps, we should think twice before jumping into our cars for that journey around the corner?
Daly is laughing as he speaks, but those around him take his words extremely seriously.
Although summer is just around the corner, people are being urged to think about keeping warm next winter.
he was dancing around the room
I'll be around for a while
The band is still going ahead with organising autumn gigs around West Yorkshire in order to sell the album.
It was a spontaneous thing, she rushed out, threw her arms around me and gave me a big kiss.
He'd driven the van around aimlessly until it had run out of fuel and spluttered and died.