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aromatherapy / ароматерапия
имя существительное
the use of aromatic plant extracts and essential oils in massage or baths.
These therapies include aromatherapy , reflexology and acupuncture.
My first attempt at aromatherapy , forty years later, was using lavender oil.
It offers a range of complementary therapies such as aromatherapy massage, acupuncture, arts and crafts, drama and music.
Sue is now giving June a course of aromatherapy massage for relaxation purposes in her own home.
There are books that deal with specific Ayurvedic therapeutics, for instance aromatherapy and natural oils.
Many people find complementary therapies useful, including acupuncture, reflexology and aromatherapy .
These therapies include aromatherapy , reflexology and acupuncture.
It does a lot of spa treatments, everything from facials to aromatherapy to regular massage therapy.
For example, aromatherapy will not cure serious illness such as cancer or AIDS.
The healing power of essential oils is the main attraction in aromatherapy .
Take your pick from a seaweed wrap, salt loofah body buff, Swedish massage, aromatherapy , mineral bath, and more.