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aroma / аромат, благоухание, приятный запах
имя существительное
aroma, flavor, fragrance, odor, perfume, bouquet
fragrance, aroma, odor, perfume, redolence, fragrancy
приятный запах
aroma, relish
имя существительное
a distinctive, typically pleasant smell.
the tantalizing aroma of fresh coffee
Looking around the town's square he could smell the wonderful aroma of bread and meats being prepared for the night.
I could smell the sweet aroma of honeydew trees wafting softly on the gentle breeze.
Eugenol, which is also present in cinnamon, is the substance which gives cloves their distinctive aroma .
She lit up and Geoffrey could smell the pungent aroma of what he guessed must be Marijuana.
Katrina could smell the aroma of pasta sauce and hear the sizzling of the greasy pan.
It is an era of, an aroma of, an aura of some mesmerizing music performance.
the aroma of officialdom
Police checked the area, finding only the usual ambient aroma of free-floating malaise.
the tantalizing aroma of fresh coffee
the tantalizing aroma of fresh coffee