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army / армия, войско, масса
имя существительное
army, host, cohort
mass, array, weight, lot, bulk, army
имя прилагательное
army, GI
имя существительное
an organized military force equipped for fighting on land.
the two armies were in position
On leaving the College he decided to take up a military career and, when war broke out with Spain he joined the army .
While driving them to the border he was stopped by an Iranian army patrol and forced to shoot and kill two soldiers.
Pupils in Preston are signing up to join the army one day a week while studying for their GCSEs.
It will also be allowed to equip its army , run a police force and all of the departments of state.
army officers
he joined the army at 16
And he declared that he would want to fight alongside his men if he joined the army .
By the age of 14 she had two ambitions: to join the army and to compete in the Olympics.
Ron was training to be a Baptist lay preacher when he decided that his duty was to his country and he joined the army .
He was right on one front - Steve did indeed join the army and worked for several years in bomb disposal.