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armpit / подмышка
имя существительное
armpit, underarm, axilla, oxter
имя существительное
a hollow under the arm at the shoulder.
Doctors ask about symptoms and examine for swelling of the liver, spleen, and lymph glands in the armpits , groin and neck.
A child may also develop freckling in the folds of the skin of the armpit or groin or on other parts of the body where the skin creases.
Your dismal little country in the armpit of Nowhere.
Some individuals also may have weakness in one arm or leg if tumors grow in nerves in the armpit or groin.
Sometimes your eyelashes, eyebrows, armpit , pubic and other body hair also falls out.
Sometimes it can be found in your armpit , above your collarbone or down as far as your abdomen.
Breast cancer treatment often involves the removal of lymph nodes in the armpit .
they call the region the armpit of America
they call the region the armpit of America
If you notice a red spot close to the tick bite or develop a rash around your armpit , groin and thighs or a flu-like illness after being bitten, see your GP.
Often the lymph glands in the armpit are removed at the same time.