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armoury / арсенал, склад оружия, геральдика
имя существительное
arsenal, armory, store, armoury
склад оружия
armory, armoury
heraldry, armory, blazonry, armoury
имя существительное
a place where arms are kept.
The Australian Government recently handed over four new state-of-the-art armouries to the PNG Defence Force.
an array of resources available for a particular purpose.
his armory of comic routines
a place where military reservists are trained or headquartered.
The largest Alabama Guard unit to return from Iraq, the 877th Engineer Battalion, had its first weekend drills earlier this month at its northwest Alabama armories .
His fame rested above all on his ability to produce designs for tapestry, embroideries, stained glass, armory , and goldsmith work in the new classical idiom.
his armoury of comic routines
Whilst few anglers specifically target mackerel, they are a major part of the sea anglers bait armoury and a supply of fresh mackerel is essential for success with many species.
Like Hewitt, she is an aggressive baseliner with an armoury of ferocious groundstrokes and possesses the same gritty determination which has taken Hewitt to the top of the men's rankings.
And China has threatened to respond by massively increasing its nuclear armoury .
It is part of the high-tech armoury used by the company to create visitor attractions, exhibitions, museum galleries as well as tourist information centres.
With these launches, AMD will at last have the armoury to compete with Intel in all sectors of the market, from mobile PCs, all the way up to corporate servers.
But we would urge the Council to do everything in its power to help find an option to persuade BHS to stay: the city will need every weapon in its armoury to keep shoppers interested during the rebuilding.
The US-led occupying forces are uneasy about that, but officials say the fighting readiness of such militias make them useful elements in the fledgling government's armoury .
A farmer who disturbed prowlers with an armoury of weapons hidden in a car has backed the Manchester Evening News campaign for a ban on replica guns.
In an attempt to develop the capability to punch through the missile defence shield, countries such as China could decide to massively increase the number of nuclear missiles in their armoury .