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armourer / оружейник, оружейный мастер, заведующий оружейным складом
имя существительное
armourer, armorer
оружейный мастер
gunsmith, armourer, armorer, gunman
заведующий оружейным складом
armorer, armourer
Mr Tolan's distinguished career began on his 18th birthday in 1941 when he joined the RAF and became a ground-crew armourer for 102 Squadron at the Topcliffe and Dalton bases in North Yorkshire.
Sarah Povey, whose husband Sion, a Lance Corporal, is an armourer , said: ‘The Queen asked how I coped with separation and I told her you get used to it but that didn't make it any easier.’
The next day Willow was taken to the blacksmith and the armourer .
A major change in weapons labelling means that soldiers checking when their rifle or pistol is due for inspection will no longer have to call the unit armourer or dig out the weapon log from the armoury.
We've got a welder and fitter / armourer here, the welder does repairs if there's any cracks in the vehicle.
The 773-page compilation resurrects St. George, the dragon-slayer who was slain himself at Lydda in Palestine around 303 A.D. and is the patron of soldiers, knights, archers and armorers .
There was no discussion, then or thereafter, but on every subsequent assignment the armorer had supplied weaponry with the same internal modification.
Maryland tried to preserve its militia's arms by employing an armorer , Isaac Miller, who also served as an arms dealer, purchasing guns in England for several colonies.
Spurred by military target competition and by practical shooting three-gun matches, armorers and gunmakers unlocked the AR's accuracy potential.
Training for the weapon operators and armourers is under way and the performance of the weapon will be monitored during its initial service.