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armour / броня, доспехи, панцирь
имя существительное
armor, mail, armature, armour, armour-plating, armor-plating
armor, harness, arms, panoply, armour
shell, armor, cuirass, testa, armature, armour
armor, reserve, allocate, armour, armor-plate, armour-plate
покрывать броней
armor, mail, armour
имя существительное
the metal coverings formerly worn by soldiers or warriors to protect the body in battle.
knights in armor
provide (someone) with emotional, social, or other defenses.
the knowledge armored him against her
Body protected by armour of bony plates, male carries fertilised eggs until they hatch into miniature adults.
Everyone enters adulthood with a whole lot of emotional armour and they erect walls about them - suspicious and very guarded.
a suit of armour
Related agnathans with external armour occur widely from the Late Silurian to the Devonian, but they all became extinct before the start of the Carboniferous.
Thus by the 20th century it had become necessary to integrate infantry, artillery and armour , as well as air and land, air and sea, and land and sea forces.
On Dec 4th Pakistani infantry supported by armour captured Mandiala North after bitter hand to hand fighting.
Will the New Zealand Army be purchasing and fitting extra armour to its light armoured vehicles; if not, why not, and, if so, at what cost?
No one weapon was predominant, but victory usually went to the side which best combined its infantry, armour , and artillery and enjoyed air superiority.
These cavalry soldiers wore thick leather jerkins for protection as full plated armour would slow down their horses.
his armour of self-confidence