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armorial / геральдический, гербовый
имя прилагательное
heraldic, armorial, fetial, armourial
armorial, bearing an official stamp
имя существительное
имя прилагательное
of or relating to heraldry or heraldic devices.
armorial shields
имя существительное
a book of heraldic devices.
There is now a thriving black market in armorial bearings and medieval chivalry.
Howard also explores the role of the Swedish East India Company in supplying armorial porcelain to Scotland, which is logical enough considering the proximity of Gothenberg, Sweden, to Scotland.
Relatively few Americans possessed armorial services, partly because of the expense and partly because few Americans had coats of arms or the pretension to appropriate one.
Taxes on hats, dice, clocks, salt, hair powder, gloves, artificial flowers, menservants, game certificates and armorial bearings have also been used in the past.
This was the heavily carved baroque side table with its armorial shield that still stands in the main hall.
The five-bay hammerbeam roof, resting on an embattled and moulded wall plate, has cambered collars, angels, and armorial bosses.
Rommel presented, together with Giovianni Rovazzani, a beautiful copy of the armorial bearings of the city of Porto Recanati and some illustrated books of the city and its region.
Dutch examples with engraved armorial bowls are ridiculously cheap, selling for between £350 and £500 at auction.
Heraldically, perhaps the nicest illustration of genteel, female armorial pride comes again from the Paston family.
It has been estimated that Britons ordered approximately five thousand armorial services over the course of the eighteenth century, while Continental Europeans ordered approximately three thousand.