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armlet / браслет, нарукавник, нарукавная повязка
имя существительное
bracelet, band, wristband, bangle, armlet, wristlet
oversleeve, bracer, armlet, sleevelet
нарукавная повязка
armband, armlet, brassard
имя существительное
a band or bracelet worn around the upper part of a person's arm.
Magnificent bracelets, pendants, necklaces, rings, armlets , earrings, diadems, head ornaments, pectoral ornaments and collars of gold were all produced in ancient Egypt, the land of the Pharaohs.
a small inlet of a sea or branch of a river.
The discovery of the skeleton - with a jet necklace, jet bracelet, shale armlet and bronze expanding anklet - is regarded as one of the most intriguing.
With an angry growl, the officer picked up his jacket, threw it over his shoulder and stuffed the armlet into his pocket before he hurried downstairs.
Meanwhile, the Partnership's silks - to be worn by the horse's jockey whenever it races - comprise a red jacket with white hoop, black sleeves with one white armlet on each arm, and a red and white quartered cap.
She placed her amulet and armlet over the robe, leaving her head bare.
The skeleton found buried in a grave at Bainesse, a farm near Catterick, wore a jet necklace and bracelet, a shale armlet and a bronze anklet.
Tiffany and Company reproduced several pieces from this collection, including an armlet with lion's head terminals that opened with a hidden-spring hinge.
The girl looked at Faith and noticed the armlet she was wearing.
The woman was also wearing a simple golden necklace along with golden armlets and a gold circlet around her head.
We also have magical talismans, protective armlets , and other such armor.
Sekher had witnessed troopers gambling away earrings, armlets , statuettes, and small utensils they'd ‘liberated’.