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armhole / пройма
имя существительное
armhole, rent
имя существительное
each of two openings in a garment through which the wearer puts their arms.
They feature button down collars, center full button front, reinforced shoulder and armholes , shirt tail hem and wood-tone buttons.
Instead of sleeves, finish the armhole with a narrow facing.
When you like the way it fits the armhole , machine sew the ‘new’ sleeve in, refinish the edges, press and do the other sleeve in the same way.
If the armhole is too high and the garment has a set-in sleeve, the fit can be adjusted as you sew.
I was trying to shove my head through an armhole .
With an annoyed growl, I got to my feet, marched over, grabbed the shirt and tugged it on, first trying to pull the armhole over my head, but eventually remembering the proper sequence.
Its sleeves are 34.5 cm long and taper from about 25.75 cm wide at the armhole to about 11.25 cm wide at the cuff end.
His head was poking through the armhole of his life jacket.
The guy on the treadmill in front of me was muscle-bound, had a shaved head, and was wearing one of those tank tops with armholes cut down to his waist.
The Wicking Soccer Shirt is styled with a generous fabric cut, 1x1 rib-knit collar and raglan sleeves with piping at the armholes .
Areas on a knit garment where you want to eliminate stretch include: armholes , shoulder seams, waistlines, necklines and zippers.