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armed / вооруженный, укрепленный
имя прилагательное
armed, in arms, under arms
fortified, fastened, armed
имя прилагательное
equipped with or carrying a weapon or weapons.
the security forces are armed with automatic rifles
having claws, a beak, etc., of a specified tincture.
He stepped forward with the caution of one approaching an armed landmine.
We descended on the steak like the Swiss army, armed with skewers instead of their multi-purpose knives.
Then an open truck drives by carrying eight armed soldiers.
Four other armed rockets also were discovered and defused.
In Gujranwala, the marathon armed vigilantes hurled petrol bombs and attacked the participants.
That said, the detainees may well be innocent of any crime, but to appear at an airbase civil or military armed with notepads and cameras in this environment is daft.
The debris scattered onto the concrete floor below on the other side, showering the men holding armed weapons with piercing fragments.
They could scarcely have realised it at the time, but the 12-year-old schoolboy and his father were treading the same path as hunters armed with lethal firearms.
The submissions state that the bombs were then armed and the cars driven into the city centre, where they were later detonated.
In private but not in public, Fargo told the Chinese his command was prepared to use armed force to help defend Taiwan if the president so ordered.