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armband / нарукавная повязка
имя существительное
нарукавная повязка
armband, armlet, brassard
имя существительное
a band worn around a person's upper arm to hold up a shirtsleeve or as a symbol.
Pedestrians were reminded to wear bright highly visible clothing, reflective armbands , sam-brown belts or jackets and to face on-coming traffic when out walking.
Her jewelry was also gold - an armband for her upper arm, a plain gold band for her middle finger, a stringy anklet with small bells, and a pair of long, chandelier earrings.
If you decide to get an armband tattoo, opt for tribal or Celtic styles.
But he should get a much friendlier reception when he pulls on the England shirt and captain's armband again.
Prince Harry caused worldwide revulsion when he was pictured wearing a Nazi costume and swastika armband at a fancy dress party.
Jackson, who appeared at the Santa Maria hearing wearing a black suit, a red armband and sunglasses, faces a total of 10 charges, in what has been dubbed the trial of the decade.
To show their support people are asked to wear a white band, either an armband , wristband or headband, during the concerts.
On the final whistle he had already ripped the captain's armband from his shirt.
The organizers of the march were easy to identify by their red t-shirts and gold armbands .
They wore colourful cotton dressed, woven grass armbands and anklets, and red palm bands in their hair.
Most of them did not have any uniforms, so they were given red armbands that identified them as ‘law-and-order’ officers.