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armature / арматура, якорь, вооружение
имя существительное
fittings, reinforcement, armature, equipment, fixtures, accessory
anchor, armature
armament, arming, weaponry, armor, equipment, armature
имя существительное
the rotating coil or coils of a dynamo or electric motor.
Silicon steel stampings are used in the laminations of electric motor armatures , rotors, and generators.
a metal framework on which a sculpture is molded with clay or similar material.
Constructed from canvas and other materials stretched onto welded steel armatures , the sculptures are bulbous and faceted, like an insect's eye or a landscape seen from a plane.
the protective covering of an animal or plant.
There is no evidence for armature on the walking legs, however only a few legs are near complete and the lack of spines may be taphonomic.
When this happens, the armature in the pump usually stops on a bad commutator bar.
Shakespeare's plots have served as the armature for many novels
Construction of the piece, whose stainless-steel armature holds 25 tons of soil and includes an irrigation system, began in mid-May and took three weeks to complete.
Beginning with a steel armature she gradually moulds her semi-figurative sculptures out of plaster, which are then bronze-casted.
She used Thomas Hardy's poem, "The Darkling Thrush" as the armature for her meditations on memory and loss.
Weinberg made four orchestral suites out of numbers from the ballet music, without the idea of keeping the armature of the plot.
Mantel's test did not reveal any correlation between armature , genetic distance and the overall quantitative morphological similarity.
Shakespeare's plots have served as the armature for many novels
With only three moving parts in the electric motor (one armature and two bearings), electric propulsion systems are designed to last for two decades or more.
Sixth, distinct increase of power by employment of the device of a so-called armature made of the same metal with which the physicists are accustomed to surround resinous and vitreous bodies.