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armament / вооружение, оружие, боеприпасы
имя существительное
armament, arming, weaponry, armor, equipment, armature
weapon, arms, gun, weaponry, armament, arsenal
ammunition, ammo, armament
имя существительное
military weapons and equipment.
chemical weapons and other unconventional armaments
The military armament bureau is designed to integrate weaponry research and manufacturing as well as logistical components of the military, but if it is to operate as planned, several branches of the military are likely to disappear.
Dandala said the council would urge the government to move away from regarding weapons and armament as a top priority while millions of people were without food. - Sapa Eastern Cape South Africa Foreign Business
they brought up more reinforcements and more armament
American squadrons in France had to use British or French armament and equipment, even though one of the most effective Allied weapons was the Lewis gun, an American design manufactured in Europe.
Canada and the United States see further armament as a solution to these problems rather than questioning why violence is abhorrent against us and justified against others.
It was necessary to build a conventional ARVN in order to meet that threat, as well as to act against guerrilla forces which were increasing in strength and armament , provided by North Vietnam.
Anti-tank weapons, the main armament of Infantry Fighting Vehicles or Main Battle Tanks can be used to blast positions with direct fire.
This was because the disposition and armament of the armed forces had been for centuries in the exclusive discretion of the Crown.
This, in turn, brought her into conflict with her husband and the government who were in favour of more armament to counter the threat of communism.
Arms control is a relative concept to limit certain types of weaponry or to reduce armament levels by stabilising relations among rival states in order to discourage an arms race or an attack.