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arm / рука, рычаг, рукоятка
имя существительное
hand, arm, fist, mitt, paw, claw
lever, arm, rod, cradle, pry, jack
lever, handle, grip, arm, hilt, handgrip
arm, take up arms, equip oneself, tool up
arm, equip, rig, panoply
arm, take up arms
имя существительное
each of the two upper limbs of the human body from the shoulder to the hand.
she held the baby in her arms
a thing resembling an arm in form or function, in particular.
The completed machine could roam around and had a fully functional arm .
a branch or division of a company or organization.
the political arm of the separatist group
each of the lines enclosing an angle.
One of the arms of angle [alpha] and one of the arms of angle [beta] are extended by the same amount.
supply or provide with weapons.
both sides armed themselves with grenades and machine guns
She found her husband's briefcase propped on the arm of a chair, with her name written on it.
Field Artillery is a basic combat arm , and the Army fights as a combined arms team.
In the missile round a team had to arm itself with missiles and choose another to attack.
Final went to arm himself with his Mace, but stopped once he realized that he could do nothing at such a far distance.
Back at the jetty I was offered an arm for support, but refused.
There was a hole in the arm of the chair, and she picked out tiny pieces of foam and arranged them in a pattern like a flower.
The test line could be rotated as much as 11° clockwise or counterclockwise with respect to the relevant arm of the inducing angle.
A small barrier prevented the monkey from seeing its arm directly.
He sat in his father's seat, slouching back, propped lightly on the arm of the chair.
Roy scoffed and shook his head quietly as he signaled Steve to arm the weapons.