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aristocrat / аристократ
имя существительное
aristocrat, nobleman, patrician
имя существительное
a member of the aristocracy.
an aristocrat by birth
Even Doug Anderton - star journalist and married to a wealthy aristocrat - sees his job as literary editor on a national newspaper as a demotion from politics.
Whatever physical standards the Persian may meet, this aristocrat of catdom is well known for its charisma and loyalty.
To be born an aristocrat does not in itself prevent me from taking on the project of liberty for the commoner or the day laborer.
An aristocrat by birth, his education was in botany and his first appointment was as ‘Botanist to the King’.
Although an Italian aristocrat by birth, Piccolomini served the imperial cause faithfully throughout his military career.
Luchino Visconti was an aristocrat who became a Communist.
a decadent old blue-blooded aristocrat
In 1591 Bruno returned to Italy after being invited by the Venetian nobleman Zuane Mocenigo to educate the aristocrat in mnemonics.
the trout is the aristocrat of freshwater fish
She told him that she was the former wife of a Russian aristocrat , and she wrote on her marriage certificate that her father was dead.