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aristocracy / аристократия, знать
имя существительное
aristocracy, notables, upper class, upper crust, persons of rank
nobility, aristocracy, notables, gentlefolks, peerage, dignity
имя существительное
the highest class in certain societies, especially those holding hereditary titles or offices.
the ancient Polish aristocracy had hereditary right to elect the king
Oddly enough, the benefits he conferred upon the common people had the result of weakening the aristocracy , the social class from which he came.
Although he is descended from Russian aristocracy , he was not born with a silver spoon in his mouth.
This makes William Wallace less of an historical oddity for not being a member of the aristocracy when he staged his famous rebellion.
But the structure created is one again of an aristocracy of corporate executives, with the majority of ‘opportunity’ the ability to sell your labor.
Highly prized de luxe models continued to be commissioned by the aristocracy and members of the bourgeoisie.
These groups were the intelligentsia, civil servants, the labour aristocracy , and successful petty producers.
Aristotle produced a complex taxonomy of constitutions, the three main types of which are monarchy, aristocracy , and democracy.
Tolstoy foresaw the end of the aristocracy in Russian society.
Aristotle pointed out in his book of lectures The Politics and in his studies of constitutions that aristocracy as an ideal too often degenerated into either oligarchy, the rule of the powerful, or plutocracy, the rule of the rich.
This step was taken much earlier in London, where the Philharmonic Society was founded by an élite of the aristocracy , gentry, City, and professions in 1813.