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arise / возникать, появляться, происходить
arise, emerge, originate, rise, spring, crop up
appear, show up, emerge, turn up, show, arise
occur, happen, take place, be, come, arise
(of a problem, opportunity, or situation) emerge; become apparent.
new difficulties had arisen
get or stand up.
he arose at 9:30 and went out for a walk
He added that the council had envisaged some problems might arise but not to the extent that had occurred.
But the service does not only deal with businesses, as big problems can arise in domestic situations too.
most conflicts arise from ignorance or uncertainty
This regret did not arise as a result of the questioning of such practices among the medical profession itself.
Conflict will only arise if we practice prejudice against either wisdom or faith.
The difficulty of estimating road traffic is well known, and predictable problems arise in the Chester context.
He said the intent of the clause was merely to ensure that the committee would continue operating when problems arose .
In 1908 Erlang joined the Copenhagen Telephone Company and began applying probability to various problems arising in the context of telephone calls.
The review was undertaken by Mr Prasifka's office after a number of issues that had arisen since his original determination in early 2001.
The biggest problems arose in cases where people were building their homes by direct labour.