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aright / правильно, верно
properly, right, correctly, best, well, aright
right, correctly, surely, truly, faithfully, aright
correctly; properly.
I wondered if I'd heard aright
I wondered if I'd heard aright
If we reason aright , they believe, we shall remake people and thereby remake the world.
But more than this, it seems to me to be an insane and irresponsible course of action if I'm reading the attorney aright .
I did not think I could write any letter which could explain this aright ; and the thought of a strange monk reading my words to her made my throat dry.
If I understand it aright , objective calculation and measurement take their cue from - and ultimately serve - circumspective involvement in the world.
Good, of course, must routinely triumph, and if a cad is in need of redemption, then the love of a good woman will set him aright .
So be careful of your duty, and set aright matters of your difference.
The latter version of Christianity promises nothing less than to set the world aright .
The report was a window into our boy, in an environment where we are not readily to hand to lean on or put things aright or correct him.
Besides, if I read Alan aright , he's just as terrified as I am.