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argumentative / спорный, аргументированный, логичный
имя прилагательное
controversial, debatable, disputable, contentious, arguable, argumentative
logical, tenable, argumentative, sound, self-consistent
имя прилагательное
given to expressing divergent or opposite views.
an argumentative child
using or characterized by systematic reasoning.
the highest standards of argumentative rigor
I was getting a bit annoyed, knowing that he would turn up on the doorstep drunk and argumentative and I could think of a million and one things I would rather do than skirmish with a drunkard.
Edinburgh [during the Enlightenment] is a tiny little place where there is a small group of argumentative , ferociously competitive, hard-drinking, brilliant men.
The addressee is encouraged to be assertive but not argumentative ; friendly but not trusting; vigorous and impressive but not overstretching it.
If we have spent several class periods introducing conventions of reasoned evidence in argumentative writing, we usually look for such features in student papers.
He remains on good terms with them 30 years later, and his encounters and phone conversations with Bono are the spine of the book - argumentative , philosophical and challenging.
Yes we argued, I'm an argumentative person but Dave can hold his own.
I think you would have been in a much better argumentative position to come to us if you had said something at that time.
Reasoning, Toulmin argued, was an argumentative and persuasive activity, embedded in concrete human predicaments.
I have been to two or three of these events and have been struck that they are often really engaging and argumentative and quite surprise the adults.
This is not the same as being argumentative , or arguing just for the sake of arguing.