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argumentation / аргументация, спор
имя существительное
argumentation, argument, reasoning
dispute, controversy, argument, debate, quarrel, argumentation
имя существительное
the action or process of reasoning systematically in support of an idea, action, or theory.
lines of argumentation used to support his thesis
What then do we make of his contradictory argumentation that we should maintain a large money stock even though we are unable to do so?
An instant of honesty and compassion is more important than an hour of logical argumentation and the facts.
Tourgee's line of argumentation in Plessy, its view of the role of the justice system, is complex and bears further analysis.
This brings one to the fundamental flaw in your line of argumentation .
It is instructive to follow the Post's line of argumentation .
Is The New Rhetoric about the arguments people make, or about the process of argumentation ?
This line of argumentation was accepted by the health authorities.
US teachers also indicated the importance of using examples, details, and logical argumentation .
This line of argumentation is currently being hotly debated in legal circles.
The bottom line in such argumentation was reminiscent of the objective of all despotic regimes to genuine political participation.