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arguably / спорно
вводное слово
it may be argued (used to qualify the statement of an opinion or belief).
she is arguably the greatest woman tennis player of all time
These shadowy groups are arguably among the most active of all money launderers.
It was a devastating display of control that the Super League has arguably never witnessed before.
He intends to raise the profile of politics on campus, which is arguably a good thing.
she is arguably the greatest woman tennis player of all time
Of the three coaches, Italy's Brad Johnstone has arguably been the most successful.
It is still a dark story, though, which arguably has never really been screened in the way it was written.
Tanna Island is arguably as good as these, or better, if you're after a coffee with a rich smooth taste.
It's a haunting, slightly melancholy piece that's arguably the best track on here.
The televisual images of his report arguably created a moment in history.
For a start we were served with arguably the best garlic bread we have tasted in years.