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arguable / спорный, доказуемый
имя прилагательное
controversial, debatable, disputable, contentious, arguable, moot
provable, demonstrable, arguable, evincible, vindicable
имя прилагательное
able to be argued or asserted.
an arguable case for judicial review
I will readily grant that this is an arguable question, but that's just the point.
For the singer, it is arguable that success has come in spite of, rather than because of, her father.
In this particular instance, it is arguable that these two principles are mutually exclusive.
Furthermore it's a highly arguable claim both for its inclusions and omissions.
However, it is arguable that Article 7 ought to be interpreted as placing some outer limits on judicial creativity.
It is arguable that in relation to the failure of the Council to advise as to his right of appeal, because there was no proper review, the report was flawed.
I want to read more paragraphs that expand on that sort of critical response, not several hundred words of a highly arguable and at least somewhat mistaken compact history of alternative comics.
It is arguable that the price China paid in that loss has only now been paid off.
It is arguable that as you were the one living in the house, you were the one who benefited from the improvements.
It is a question whether there is an arguable case that there was a breach of the rules of procedural fairness.