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argot / арго, жаргон
имя существительное
slang, argot, cant, flash, ritual talk
jargon, slang, lingo, argot, cant, patter
имя существительное
the jargon or slang of a particular group or class.
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She put them side by side and in a few minutes saw that Christie's version was, in the delicate argot of the trade, ‘not right.’
Its roughly 7 million people call themselves cariocas and have an argot all their own.
One lovely touch totally misunderstood by almost every critic so far is the family argot based on butcher's slang which the lads use to keep their personal stuff, er, personal.
It is the argot of a tribe rather than the idiom of everyman.
The argot of the turf is a source of constant fascination: the pony that's a sum of money, the rag that's a horse, the tipster who's a conman.
Although he addresses the country directly only on one occasion, the distinctiveness of the argot and the difficulty in understanding the characters' speech continually reminds us of nationalistic differences and tensions.
The dialogue is peppered with the argot and dialect of the Kingston streets, and even with the English soundtrack you simply have to use the subtitles if you are to understand everything they are saying.
Each clique had their own vernacular, it seemed - their own argot , their own way of saying ‘hello’.
Such terms of course were part of the common argot of the colonial world, including Australia, and as Young shows they were used by Malinowski and his female correspondents in their English language letters.
teenage argot