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arena / арена, место действия, поле сражения
имя существительное
arena, scene, bullring, stage, ring, hippodrome
место действия
scene, locale, stage, arena, background
поле сражения
battlefield, field, arena
имя существительное
a level area surrounded by seats for spectators, in which sports, entertainments, and other public events are held.
Whole towns could be surrounded, or a mile-wide dragnet thrown over an area which contained sporting arenas .
The atmosphere was more like that of an examination hall on finals day than a sporting arena before a big event.
We are as powerful a partner as you can get on the corporate battlefield, or in the political arena .
It was created as an arena for the representation and expression of minority opinion.
The spectators were told the flags had to be dismantled in the interests of health and safety in the events arena .
It is high time we gave shape to a new culture, where each arena of activity is given its due place.
The shift from the political to the cultural arena helped entrench old divisions and to create new ones.
Mila glanced up at a small box-like room just above the 3rd level seating in the arena .
he has re-entered the political arena
An arena demonstrating traditional sports such as kabaddi will give fans a chance to test their skills.
Much more important, there is no way that the movement can keep the political arena at arm's length.