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arduous / трудный, крутой, энергичный
имя прилагательное
difficult, hard, tough, tight, arduous, troublesome
steep, abrupt, tough, sharp, precipitous, arduous
vigorous, energetic, spirited, strenuous, dynamic, arduous
имя прилагательное
involving or requiring strenuous effort; difficult and tiring.
an arduous journey
Before becoming a Mass server one had to learn the Latin responses and this was a long and arduous task.
Michael's task is an arduous one, but critical to the well-being of 2.5m people.
It also seemed that the younger and frailer you were, the more arduous were your physical tasks.
It can be a long and arduous task and very often ends in failure.
Approach difficult people and arduous tasks with a light and positive attitude.
Despite the arduous task of bringing in money, the Arts Support group had an excellent time.
All this requires much arduous , painstaking, and sometimes confusing work.
This is a long and arduous task, one that the authorities admit has had only very limited success to date.
It had been a long and arduous journey from her home in Scotland and she was weary to her bones.
Sometimes they have to walk great distances and then carry the water back - an arduous task.