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ardour / пыл, задор, рвение
имя существительное
ardor, fervor, heat, passion, mettle, eagerness
ardor, fight, ardour
zeal, eagerness, fervor, ardor, fervency, ardency
имя существительное
enthusiasm or passion.
they felt the stirrings of revolutionary ardor
the rebuff did little to dampen his ardour
Naturally, her coolness served only to intensify his ardour , but it was two years before she capitulated.
But doesn't the freezing cold cool their ardour ?
Though young when he wrote them, they bespeak a mature understanding of genuine piety - and the way such piety should be evident in all of life, and pursued with ardour and zeal.
Sixteen years later, her ardour hasn't dimmed.
He listened gravely and spoke in measured tones, but still fired with habitual martial ardour .
It would effectively rouse people's ardour to invest, and help to discourage the transfer of capital abroad.
he kissed her with an ardour that left her breathless
Firm action by the army dampened the revolutionary ardour of the mob and restored order in the streets.
Love, lust and passion, ardour , hate and jealousy combine to make Othello one of Shakespeare's greatest tragedies.