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archive / архив
имя существительное
archive, archives, chancery
отправлять в архив
помещать в архив
имя существительное
a collection of historical documents or records providing information about a place, institution, or group of people.
source materials in local archives
place or store (something) in an archive.
The challenges involved in displaying and archiving information on the web are huge and the move to multimedia presentation is adding to the complexity of the task.
Currently, the site contains 2,000 images and maps from archive and history collections housed by the six boroughs.
Do you archive television broadcasts for use by library patrons or other educational or research purposes?
Shot by pioneering film-makers Mitchell & Kenyon, the discovery of this archive collection will rewrite British film history.
How do you archive these materials for later reference as well as maximize the material's life expectancy?
a section of archive film
Viacom has bought the storage system to archive Paramount's ‘Entertainment Tonight’ shows.
The institute holds the records of the Archbishops of York as well as numerous genealogical records, health archives, the Rowntree archive and various private collections.
At the height of every empire, there is a desperate urge to archive all cultural artifacts despite their quality, high art or low art.
If you would like to reproduce, post, or archive any portion of this story, please contact me and obtain permission first.
Entitled Maps and Aerial Photographs from 1800, the display includes many fascinating photos, some given to the centre by local people and some from archive collections.