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architecture / архитектура, зодчество, структура
имя существительное
architecture, architectonics
structure, framework, pattern, composition, frame, architecture
имя существительное
the art or practice of designing and constructing buildings.
Tom Low practices architecture and town planning in the Carolinas.
the complex or carefully designed structure of something.
the chemical architecture of the human brain
In other words, operating systems based on this architecture have much smaller kernels.
A natural question comes up in the conversation: How closely are architecture and town planning related?
Leon Battista Alberti wrote that architecture had nothing to do with construction.
Could the appalling 60s architecture of the town centre College really be adapted to become a hotel that visitors would want to stay in?
The libraries then take care of the details of mapping it to the super computer architecture .
Today the basic front suspension architecture of a 2006 Mondeo is identical to that of a 1951 Consul.
This panel has experts in town planning and architecture , and lawmakers.
This disparity creates an interesting dichotomy within the complex architecture of the album.
Victorian architecture
the chemical architecture of the human brain