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architect / архитектор, зодчий, создатель
имя существительное
creator, maker, author, originator, architect, father
имя существительное
a person who designs buildings and in many cases also supervises their construction.
A council spokeswoman later confirmed that the authority had now put out tenders for landscape design architects, building architects and quantity surveyors.
design and make.
few software packages were architected with Ethernet access in mind
The Ronchamp chapel was the first of three religious buildings designed by the architect .
Of course, it didn't help that the chief architect of the plan had gone and its chief opponent was now in command.
The facade of a building represents the architect 's signature, but it is also a source of light and a thermal barrier.
According to the architect , the building consumes half the energy of a traditional office building.
the great Norman architect of Durham Cathedral
However, for large inspections, the contractors would, I think, normally wish to use the architect who designed the building.
This would result in its demolition and replacement by a new building designed by the architect James Sterling.
Rovaniemi is a planned city, designed by architect Alvar Aalto and shaped like a reindeer horn.
So the historian has as relevant a role in the process of urban design as the architect , planner and politician.
At that point in his career, the young architect had no experience designing such large buildings.