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archimedes / Архимед
имя существительное
имя существительное
( circa 287–212 bc ) , Greek mathematician and inventor from Syracuse. He is noted for his discovery of Archimedes' principle (legend has it that he made this discovery while taking a bath and ran through the streets shouting “Eureka!”). Among his mathematical discoveries are the ratio of the radius of a circle to its circumference and formulas for the surface area and volume of a sphere and of a cylinder.
This requirement is the continuity condition; it is also known as the Archimedean condition, after the Greek mathematician Archimedes.
His discovery of lost Archimedean works made front page news on July 16th, 1907.
Postmodern philosophers assert that rather than viewing the world as an objective given from an Archimedean vantage point, humans structure their world through the concepts they bring to it.
The final book studies the five Platonic solids as well as the semi-regular Archimedean solids.
Descartes's vision of science thus combined the Archimedean , the Pythagorean, and the atomist points of view.