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archery / стрельба из лука, отряд стрелков из лука
имя существительное
стрельба из лука
archery, toxophily
отряд стрелков из лука
имя существительное
the sport or skill of shooting with a bow and arrows, especially at a target.
The activities covered everything from archery to water sports and rock climbing.
Try your hand at coin-striking, archery or even crossbow firing and watch as the soldiers round up new recruits.
All young men in medieval villages were expected to practice archery so there were many skilled archers to be found.
Helen joins in a game of archery with a group of enthusiastic children.
It is quite obvious that to improve in archery we need to practice and improve our power of concentration.
They have witnessed many Olympic events, including basketball, cycling, football and archery .
Sportsmen and women took part in a total of 10 sports which ranged from archery to snooker and rifle shooting to swimming.
They are used to stop the hands and body shaking while competing in sports such as shooting and archery .
They say children watch wrestling on television instead of playing traditional sports such as archery .
He was useless with a sword, missed his targets in archery , fell off his horse as soon as he got on, and in general hated fighting.
She was practicing archery , and had totally missed the target and was yelling at it.