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archdiocese / епархия архиепископа
имя существительное
епархия архиепископа
имя существительное
the district for which an archbishop is responsible.
The archbishop of the Prague archdiocese is the only Czech cardinal.
By the end of 1941, the US State Department reported that only 34 priests out of 828 were left in the archdiocese of Posen.
From the inception of the project the archdiocese insisted on a robust design to preserve the function and integrity of the structure.
We are a small diocese, carved out of Denver's archdiocese in the 1980s, with a tradition of strong lay leadership.
The archdiocese responded, in part, by forming a human rights committee.
From there he went to a parish up in Ulster County, the far reaches of the archdiocese .
He returned to his own diocese and up until his death he served the archdiocese of Melbourne with distinction.
Varappuzha was raised to the status of an Archdiocese in 1886 and was the first archdiocese of Kerala.
He does care about the Boston archdiocese and is dedicated to addressing its needs.
He said had it not been for prayers from the archdiocese , friends and family, coupled with therapy, he would not have recovered fully from the paralysis.
The archbishop of the Prague archdiocese is the only Czech cardinal.