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archdeacon / архидиакон
имя существительное
имя существительное
a senior Christian cleric (in the early Church a deacon, in the modern Anglican church a priest) to whom a bishop delegates certain responsibilities.
There are at present also five women archdeacons who carry delegated responsibility from bishops.
In 418, competing camps elected their own popes, Eulalius, an archdeacon , and Boniface I, a priest.
They hastily gathered three bishops to lay hands on the archdeacon as his successor.
The archdeacon added: ‘These personal debts were accumulated over a period of years.’
‘I cannot understand why the archdeacon would be surprised or disappointed at our actions,’ he said.
Among the walkers, numbering almost 2,000, were local dignitaries including Councillor Eric Bell, Mayor of Chorley, and the archdeacon of Blackburn.
The daughter of an archdeacon and a mathematics teacher, she was ranked continuously in the world top 10 from 1967 to 1979 and was British No 1 for 10 years.
One finds oneself going into a room and meeting an archdeacon , and becoming completely tongue-tied.
Canon Welton, who was appointed first archdeacon of a new archdeaconry comprising East London, Mdantsane and Komga in 1970, will be retiring to Gonubie.
The archdeacon John Collas will administer the Adelaide diocese until a new archbishop is found early next year.
Theobald put forward his archdeacon , Thomas Becket, the son of a London merchant, who had demonstrated the brilliance of his mind in Theobald's service.