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archangel / архангел, дудник темно-пурпуровый
имя существительное
дудник темно-пурпуровый
имя существительное
an angel of high rank.
The prayers of believers here on earth are mingled with the worship of angels and archangels and all the host of heaven, in adoration of God and the Lamb.
имя существительное
a port in northwestern Russia, on the White Sea; population 348,700 (est. 2008). It is named after the monastery of the Archangel Michael that is situated here.
Michael is the only angel that is specifically called an archangel .
And I thought it ironic that I should pray for my twin, named after the archangel ; we were so very opposite.
It is in this second connotation that the word is used for archangel Gabriel.
This mighty archangel wielded a single broad sword that he kept in a golden sheath until such time as needed.
The guardians and archangel didn't know what to make of her.
At the same time Stanislavsky, uncomfortable with tragedy, tried to turn Hamlet into a mystery play, with Hamlet a Christ-like figure and Fortinbras an archangel .
The voice came back and she recognized it to be archangel Michael's voice.
Michael and Gabriel were the names he advised, named for the two highest archangels in heaven.
Saint Michael belongs to the choir of angels called the Archangels , usually listed eighth of the nine choirs.
These Divinities are highly advanced beings who have specific duties and powers - not unlike the heavenly spirits, overlords or archangels revered in other faiths.