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archaic / архаичный, архаический, устарелый
имя прилагательное
archaic, antediluvian, Wardour-street
archaic, archaistic
obsolete, antiquated, outdated, archaic, musty, outworn
имя прилагательное
very old or old-fashioned.
prisons are run on archaic methods
It is presumably their archaic method of manufacture which give them a cachet and makes them a suitable present for foreign friends.
Pursuing a theme of archaic poetry, Xenophanes is the first to reflect systematically on the distinction between human opinion or guesswork and certain knowledge.
Director of the Scottish Tourist Forum, Ivan Broussine, warned that archaic attitudes were threatening the health of the tourist industry.
In certain cases, though, an archaic word may be retained in order to maintain the poetic rhyme and not lose the overall effect and value of the hymn.
The imagery has an affinity with Cycladic sculpture, with the forms of the archaic kouros, with the masks of the Luba from Zaire, and many other forms of expression evolved by rustics as opposed to urbanites.
‘So much was made in the press when the book was released, of the way it was written, of the notion that I mixed contemporary with archaic styles,’ he says.
The wording was practically archaic and the message it conveyed was grimmer than it needed to be, in her opinion.
Concerning the archaic period, Reed admits that he is engaging in ‘cautious guesswork’.
Concerts were staged in Hebrew and archaic Spanish, and ancient folklore dances were performed on Sunday.
The first two of these are from poems in the style of traditional song lyrics, and thus represent an archaic state of the language preserved in a local dialect.