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arcade / аркада, сводчатая галерея, пассаж с магазинами
имя существительное
сводчатая галерея
пассаж с магазинами
имя существительное
a covered passageway with arches along one or both sides.
The arcade became an important passageway between Fox Street and the square.
a shopping arcade
The arcade leads through to a playground, also designed by the students.
Down the long walkway were two dance clubs, an arcade , a bar, and the casino.
A covered arcade and walkway could be created to link the supermarket to the main market area and the area outside the east of the covered market could feature a coffee shop and terrace.
It's odd, but the ongoing process of pattern memorization and practiced skill seems more strenuous in my living room than in the arcade .
They ran ahead to a small restaurant called Frankie's where there was an arcade , a ball pit, a laser tag arena and great food.
In contrast to the Dungeon, the arcade has darker lighting, but they have brighter colours.
This brings the fun of the arcade into your living room.
The arcade where our little shop is has been earmarked for development.
For him, the arcade was extra money, as the game selling side always made more.