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arc / дуговой
имя прилагательное
arc, circular
имя существительное
arc, arch, bow, curve, circular arc
arch, arc, archway, bow
электрическая дуга
arc, voltaic arc
vault, arch, vaulting, dome, corpus, arc
bend, curve, curvature, bent, flexure, arc
образовать дугу
имя существительное
a part of the circumference of a circle or other curve.
He used arcs of great circles instead of arcs of parallel circles on the sphere.
a luminous electrical discharge between two electrodes or other points.
The heat required in this process is generated by electric arcs struck between carbon electrodes and the metal bath.
(in a novel, play, or movie) the development or resolution of the narrative or principal theme.
his transformation provides the emotional arc of the story
move with a curving trajectory.
the ball arced across the room
form an electric arc.
check that switches operate properly with no sign of arcing
AIDS-related complex.
He whirled around, his cloak sweeping around in a wide arc .
The man's angular arm plunged toward him in a wide arc .
On a hard, fast green it is necessary to take a wide arc to reach the jack.
his transformation provides the emotional arc of the story
Anyway, using James's formula to calculate Griffey's chance of reaching 756 HRs, we can trace the arc of his career.
The fury of the thundering, cascading water churned up a spray that covered the surrounding forests in a veil of mist and created a rainbow that framed the gorge in an arc of spectacular colours.
the huge arc of the sky
I watched cabin cruisers arc through the large triangular confluence, then, my detour done, wandered back for the walk proper.
This is not someone dropping a switch and seeing an arc of electricity.
The second arc , of course, deals with The Big Questions.