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arbour / беседка, оправка, вал
имя существительное
alcove, arbor, pavilion, bower, summer house, garden house
mandrel, arbor, mandril, dolly
shaft, tree, roller, roll, spindle, arbor
имя существительное
an axle or spindle on which something revolves.
The third step is to mount the wheels on the arbors and to place these assemblies between the front- and backplates in such a way that the wheels and pinions mesh and turn freely.
a shady garden alcove with sides and a roof formed by trees or climbing plants trained over a wooden framework.
We have a scented country garden and pond, water features, gravel gardens, arbours , pergolas, a summerhouse, many rare and unusual perennials, and 120 clematis.
But what of the path, the terrace, the arbour , the fencing, the shed or the tree house?
The first project, an arched walkway, which will grow into a green living corridor led to the second, an arbour , which will provide shelter whenever the summer sun visits Mayo.
At about two years old, his three-foot girth spills out onto the flagstone path, causing visitors to pause on the way to the arbour .
Graham wants to grow vegetables as well as flowers and I want to plant a couple of trees to make a woody arbour for my old age.
The saplings have been planted in a circle so that they will form an arbour .
Ornamental trees add a touch of splendour to long avenues, while leafy plants in an arbour soften the sunlight.
Ivaric raced down to the stables, shouted at a groom to saddle his grey horse Maila, and smiled as he saw his father sitting in a shady arbour at one end of the courtyard, looking thoughtful.
In just four-and-a-half days the 66 trainee managers from all over the country had to build a barbeque area, design and paint a mural on the kitchen garden wall, build an arbour , as well as create a sculpture on the sensory trail at the centre.
It was quite nice to begin with but after a few years it became neglected and the vandals moved in, smashing down arbours , trees, the children's play area and the sports hut.
The bushing is secured in place by a solid arbor that passes through the front of the frame, through the middle of the bushing and is locked in place by the pivoting barrel and ejector rod.