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arboretum / дендрарий, древесный питомник
имя существительное
древесный питомник
имя существительное
a botanical garden devoted to trees.
The Center for Plant Conservation, housed at the Missouri Botanical Garden, has organized a network of arboreta that keep endangered plants from across the United States.
It is one of the first trees in the arboretum to come into leaf and flowers prolifically with large creamy/pink blossoms in spring.
‘There were all the signs of it being a spectacular autumn but if you look around the arboretum a lot of trees are still green,’ he said.
Since that time a botanical garden and an arboretum for native and endangered Hawaiian plants have been established in Waimea Valley.
The tree photographed here, a fine old weeping variety, is among the five dozen kinds of flowering cherries in the arboretum 's collection.
Each year more than 500,000 visitors from all parts of the world visit the 9,000 different kinds of plants growing at the arboretum .
The oxygen sensor was inserted through the bark side in the same way as for the trees in the arboretum .
During this period, Corona planted a new arboretum and created the bog garden and a walk was completed from the lodge to the house.
At the northeast corner of the arboretum is the wooden Tree House.
More than a thousand conkers had been harvested from the arboretum 's 102 horse chestnut trees for use in a variety of games.
This text was assembled by two botanists at the Morris Arboretum, the official arboretum of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.