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arboreal / древесный, живущий на деревьях, относящийся к дереву
имя прилагательное
woody, arboreal, ligneous, arboreous, arboraceous
живущий на деревьях
arboreal, arboreous
относящийся к дереву
имя прилагательное
(chiefly of animals) living in trees.
arboreal rodents
On the steep bluffs north of downtown Seattle grows an impressive array of what is arguably the Pacific Northwest's most beautiful arboreal treasures: the Pacific madrone.
However, a lot of people feel that an arboreal origin makes a lot more sense, and not all paleontologists are so quick to rule out the idea that birds could come from arboreal dinosaurs.
The arboreal habitats of anoles are composed primarily of short perches separated in space.
This 300-year-old tree was a rare mutant, a sort of arboreal albino that had long been sacred to the native Haida community.
The low number of contacts with the surrounding vegetation may be important in reducing the probability that smaller arboreal predators will access the nest tree.
Within the ground beetle family, a few eat seeds, a few concentrate near water, and some readily climb trees and consume arboreal insects, including aphids and forest tent caterpillars.
It is a medium-sized arboreal gliding mammal which hangs upside down in trees, leaping into the air to glide in search of fruit to eat.
Mature forests with arboreal lichens are scarce except in national parks and nature.
Others have countered that small land-dwelling dinosaurs learned to fly without ever developing arboreal habits: no trees were needed.
The Siberian flying squirrel is a nocturnal arboreal rodent, which nests in tree cavities, twig dreys, and nest-boxes.