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arbitration / арбитраж, третейский суд, скупка ценных бумаг для перепродажи
имя существительное
arbitration, arbitrage, arbitrament
третейский суд
скупка ценных бумаг для перепродажи
имя существительное
the use of an arbitrator to settle a dispute.
The union is now calling for binding arbitration to settle the dispute.
Management refused to allow arbitration while industrial action continued.
Now the tiniest household decision makes motor industry arbitration seem like a cosy chat.
In practice, the whole arbitration is going to have to be reopened and probably re-pleaded.
The parties agreed to refer their dispute to one Rabbi Rosner for mediation and arbitration .
They voted on Monday by 55 to 27 to accept a proposal of binding arbitration in the dispute.
Parliament has not abolished arbitration and litigation of construction disputes.
Indeed, such persons might be dissuaded from arbitration under the supervision of the English court.
As in litigation, contract breach and damages must also be proved in arbitration .
One of the terms of the contract is that, in the event of dispute, the claim must be referred to arbitration .
The union is now calling for binding arbitration to settle the dispute.