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arbitrate / быть третейским судьей, выносить третейское решение
быть третейским судьей
arbitrate, umpire
выносить третейское решение
(of an independent person or body) reach an authoritative judgment or settlement.
the board has the power to arbitrate in disputes
it set up a commission to arbitrate border tensions
In 1679 the Royal Society sent Halley to Danzig to arbitrate in a dispute between Hooke and Hevelius.
the board has the power to arbitrate in disputes
The court was given extensive powers to prevent strikes, arbitrate and enforce settlement of industrial disputes.
It states that you do not arbitrate but, rather, the public does.
The Commission is empowered to arbitrate on the issues contained in the matter.
the board has the power to arbitrate in disputes
As he grew up, he became known for his truthfulness, generosity and sincerity, so that he was sought after for his ability to arbitrate in disputes.
Firstly he legislated to restrict the Commission's power to arbitrate and, in doing so, its capacity to conciliate.
Well, we know that the Workplace Relations Act explicitly excludes ‘training’ as a matter upon which the commission may arbitrate .