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arbiter / арбитр, третейский судья, властитель
имя существительное
arbitrator, referee, arbiter, judge, adjudicator, moderator
третейский судья
arbitrator, arbiter, umpire, referee, judge
ruler, lord, sovereign, king, arbiter, archon
имя существительное
a person who settles a dispute or has ultimate authority in a matter.
the military acted as arbiter of conflicts between political groups
In this manner, the Panopticon reinforces its role as arbiter of public taste.
The Cabinet would still make decisions, with the full council being the ultimate arbiter .
His background gives no indication that he might one day become an arbiter of cool.
Unfortunately, too, they direct the question at an imaginary West that serves as stage, audience, and arbiter of taste, all in one.
On the subject of language, a poet is the ultimate arbiter , the judge, the jury and the courtroom cat.
an arbiter of taste
Fans consider her the final arbiter on matters ranging from choosing table settings to winning ways with leftovers.
Philostratus ranks as something of an arbiter of sophistic tastes and values; he is also an index of sophistic shortcomings.
At the Olympic Games, the Court of Arbitration for Sport is the final arbiter on all disputes arising during the Games.
It is the final arbiter in disputes about the interpretation of the EU Treaties, or secondary legislation based on the Treaties.