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arable / пашня, пахота
имя существительное
arable, tillage, plow, tilth, plough
plowing, plowed land, arable, arable land, ploughing
имя прилагательное
arable, tillable, ploughable, plowable
tame, arable
имя прилагательное
(of land) used or suitable for growing crops.
Some cyanobacteria do not require fresh water, nitrate - based fertilizer, or even arable land to grow and flourish.
имя существительное
arable land or crops.
As well as the cows we have five sheep on set-aside land and arable for feed.
arable farming
The farm had always been mixed arable and dairy.
The innovative Tellus teaching pack narrates the adventures of four young Europeans as they explore arable farming, fruit and vegetables, livestock farming, fishing and forestry.
Friends of the Earth said the maps show that these species, which are known to cross-pollinate with the arable crop, are widespread across the whole country.
good arable land
For his part, all the king had to do was give away a few hectares of arable land to his lowlier vassals and perhaps throw in a coronet to sweeten the deal for his more well-heeled subjects.
These can be manufactured from arable crops like oil seed rape and sugar beet.
Prior to that it was common to find records of the foundation of new settlements and associated land clearances for arable fields.
The Chase itself is a rolling chalkland landscape, with sheep scattering the uplands and mainly arable farming taking place in the valleys.
As well as the cows we have five sheep on set-aside land and arable for feed.